Sunday, October 18, 2009

Online GPF Account Details of TN staffs | | Tamil Nadu Employees GPF Accounts details online

GPF Account Details Online
Accountant General (A&E)
Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu employees can view their GPF account details online in the website. This will benefit all State Government Officers / Staff of Tamil Nadu, All India Services Officers, High Court Judges.
GPF Details can be viewed at

To view your GPF details, you need to have the below details

1. GPF Number & Suffix (Department code- You can select from the list )

2. Your Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY)

After successful login, you can view the following details.

1. Opening/Closing Balance
2. Credit/Debit Details
3. Current Balance
4. Current Year Credits
5. Missing Credit Details

Note : GPF details are made available from the year 1993 for AIS Officers, from the year 2000 for High Court Judges and from the year 1991 for other Officers of Tamil Nadu State Government.

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  1. A.Mohideen Shahul Hameed, Head Constable 1082 District Crime Branch, Virudhunagar. My GPF A/c No.pol 178015 my GPF slip Interest amount is very low please correct interest give me

  2. sir pl, how to see panchayat union school teachers.

  3. Sir, Whether the accountslip issued by you is neccessary to claiming TA/PFW ? Why the website copy of GPF accountslip cannot be taken into account for withdrawal purposes ?

  4. Sir
    I have tried many times to clear my missing credits in my GPF Accounts. I have submitted the details inperson and also through email. But have received no response .why?
    Don't you see the mails or response the mails? Then what is the use of your ads regarding your e-services?

  5. I am a teacher. Give the department code