Thursday, August 18, 2011

Check Case Status / Daily Order of Consumer Court Case by filed in Consumer Court (District Forum / State / National Commission)

A Consumer can file a case by a written complaint in the District Consumer Forum for pecuniary value of upto Rs. 20 lakh, State Commission for value upto Rs. 1 crore and the National Commission for value above Rs 1 crore, in respect of defects in goods and or deficiency in service.

If a consumer is not satisfied by the decision by a District Forum, he can appeal to the State Commission. Against the order of the State Commission a consumer can go to the National Commission.

Now the Status of the case filed by the consumer can be known by a single click siting in front of the computer having internet connection. You can also see the History of the Case and also get Daily Order Copy . For knowing the Case Status ,Either you can go to the website Confonet , then Select Know your Case Status . Or Directly you can go through the URL Know Your Consumer Case Status

Once opening the above URL , you will get the foillowing Screen.

Now let us see how to do . First you have to select where you have filed the Case wheather it is NCDRC / State Commission / NCDRC

There are two search options . One is Simple Search . Another one is Advanced Search.

Simple Search : When you know the exact case number (CC/1/2001 or FA/1/2011, ..etc) , use Simple Search . Enter the case number in the Case Number Text Box, then select the search . You can get the history & Orders by selecting the View History & Orders .

Advanced Search

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