Thursday, August 18, 2011

Check Case Status / Daily Order of Consumer Court Case by filed in Consumer Court (District Forum / State / National Commission)

    A Consumer can file a case by a written complaint in the District Consumer Forum for pecuniary value of upto Rs. 20 lakh, State Commission for value upto Rs. 1 crore and the National Commission for value above Rs 1 crore, in respect of defects in goods and or deficiency in service.

     If a consumer is not satisfied by the decision by a District Forum, he can appeal to the State Commission. Against the order of the State Commission a consumer can go to the National Commission.

      Now the Status of the case filed by the consumer can be known by a single click siting in front of the computer having internet connection. You can also see the History of the Case and also get Daily Order Copy. For knowing the Case Status ,Either you can go to the website Confonet, then Select Know your Case Status. Or Directly you can go through the URL Know Your Consumer Case Status

Once opening the above URL , you will get the following Screen.

Now let us see how to do. First you have to select the location where you have filed the Case.  (i.e.  is NCDRC OR  State Commission OR District Fora and if your case is filed in State commission, then select the State Or if your case is filed at District Forum, then select the district.

There are two search options . One is Simple Search . Another one is Advanced Search.

Simple Search : When you know the exact case number (CC/1/2001 or FA/1/2011, ..etc) , use Simple Search . Enter the case number in the Case Number Text Box, then select the search . You can get the history & Orders by selecting the View History & Orders .

Advanced Search
                   Suppose if you don't know the exact case number of your case, you can search by giving part of the case number or your name (complainant name) or respondent name or advocate names, etc...

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