Thursday, May 16, 2013

File petition online for grievances in Tamil nadu

Tamil Nadu Government has launched an online site to deal with public grievance mechanism of District Administration  Public can file up their grievances online as petition which can aid in dealing these petition effectively. 
Petition filed up undergoes the following flow,
Once reached the collectorate, forwarded to the concerned Department, then the problem is analysed for remedial measures , the Department will take upon the grievance for redressing under intimation of complaint.
Almost all the districts of tamil nadu  have implemented Online Petition Filing
Henceforth,public can register their grievances using the below links

For Registering grievances in Tamil , please follow

and then select the concerned district administration from the combo box  and submit. After submitting the page by selecting Kadalur district , the following screen opens. Then open the registration page and fill the particulars and submit. On submission ,  registration number will be provided with which you can check the status of your grievance later.

For registering grievances in english , please follow


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