Sunday, November 16, 2014

Top up Recharge Delhi Metro Smart Card through SMS to 9222208888

Passengers can now recharge their Delhi Metro Smart Cards by sending SMS. But to avail this service, Passenger should have ICICI bank Account number.

How to Recharge?

1. Register your mobile umber with ICICI bank account.

2. Send SMS to 9222208888 from the registered mobile number in the following format.

      DMRC <space> Card Engraved ID <space> Amount<space> last six digit of ICICI Bank account

ie.   type

                     DMRC yyyyyyyy amount nnnnnn  

                and send SMS to 9222208888

                where    yyyyyyyy  is the Card Engraved ID of your smart card, amount (eg. 500)  is the amount to be recharged, nnnnnn is the last 6 digit of your ICICI account number

                       eg. DMRC 94434533 500 934432

Note :  Card Engraved ID is written on the back side of the Smart Card.
        Maximum permissable  amount to be chareged is Rs. 1000/-

3. Now will get confirmation message from the ICICI Bank

4. Now the passenger need to go to Metro station, show the Smart Card at Add Value Machine (AVM: White Color machine) installed near Customer Care Centre to complete the add value process.  (At present total of 147 AVMs are installed at 71 metro stations )

For More details and to see the list of stations where AVM is installed, please visit :


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